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August 11, 2011

THE FANTASTIC MACHINE, a hardboiled steampunk cthulhu thriller about a hotel detective struggling to keep his family & friends safe when an ancient evil is unleashed upon the 1905 World Exposition.

36% of 50k

Deadline: 1-September-2011
New words: 1838
Total words: 17870
Accomplished in fiction: He weighed heavy in our arms as his final breath escaped his cold, pale lips. And while we did not lift our eyes to the gods and shout, “Noooo!” we did at least get the hell out of there (barely) and on to the next big thing.
Accomplished in life: Collected a few groceries (steaks and heirloom tomatoes) and read a short story before settling down at the desk. Every now and then I get asked what my story is about. It’s a fun question to consider in a fractal sort of way, but as a general rule I don’t spill the beans on a story that isn’t ready to go out. It’s a thing. So, to ameliorate my terse silence, I’ve posted this: What the hell is a hardboiled steampunk cthulhu thriller?
Other: Moved forward with a strong scene today, or at least a pivotal one. We have left The Beginning and entered The Middle at a running pace. This next part is going to be fun!


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