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August 23, 2011

THE FANTASTIC MACHINE, a hardboiled steampunk cthulhu thriller about a hotel detective struggling to keep his family & friends safe when an ancient evil is unleashed upon the 1905 World Exposition.

88% of 50k

Deadline: 1-September-2011
New words: 934
Total words: 43758
Accomplished in fiction: Okay. We’ve come to a crossroads, a decider-point in the story where, as the hamsters say, you can get with this or you can get with that. I’m trying to get with that, it’s a bit weird, but I’m trying it out.
Accomplished in life: It rained last night. Talk about weird. I’m going to celebrate.
Other: The story I’m writing, it ain’t no sitting-on-your-hands non-adventure story. We’re exploring our main character’s range of emotion, limited as it is, by throwing trouble at him front, back, side to side. Hence, I’m taking a chance with the ending. But hey, it’s just words, right?

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  1. Nick Weintraub permalink

    I don’t like 95% of commercials. They’re annoying. But the hamsters pulling up in a toaster, “or you can get with that”, never fails to make me grin.

  2. Those hamsters are dope.

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