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September 13, 2011

I know what you’re thinking. You want to know what comes after “I wrote a first draft,” don’t you? You’re thinking, Okay, so what’s next?

What’s next is a straight read. Read it through without a pen in my hand. No notes, just reading. The idea is get a bird’s eye view of all the scenes, see how they fit, see where they don’t.

I’m about forty-four percent through it now.

It’s 236 pages, single-sided, 12pt Courier double-spaced w/ 1.25-inch margins on the sides and 1-inch at top & bottom. That’s a lot of pages and it’s only about fifty-thousand words. But don’t you worry my tree huggin’ friends, I haven’t printed it out yet. Instead, I sent it to my kindle©.

Reading it on the kindle© is pretty nice. For one thing I can read a chapter of mine and then read a short story by Lansdale or Chekhov or Miéville, then read a chapter of mine and read a chapter from a novel by Connelly, King, or Miéville. This is not exclusive to the kindle©, of course–you can do this with books–but when I’m out in the backyard the kindle© just makes life easier.

Probably the best / most relevant aspect of reading this draft on the kindle© is that I can just shut up and read it. It’s easy to read w/out taking notes on that thing.

And then what? After I read it, I’ll print out all 236 pages, put the stack of papers on my desk and flip ’em over one at a time as I read the whole blessed thing again, pen in hand, keyboard ready, yellow notepad at my elbow, real books w/in reach.


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