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Off the grid

September 16, 2011

Peoples, we’re stepping away from the internets and the business of the world for a few days. There’s a mountain out there with a cabin at its very top and we’re going to go to there and spend some time staring at the curvature of the earth. We shall return more powerful than you could possibly imagine, sometime next week, with pictures. Big thanks to the bro for house-sitting while we’re gone.

I’m taking one complete printout of the first draft with me and a copy of it on my kindle©, along with some novels & short stories, two craft books, notepads and a journal. I need to transform the first draft into a second draft and I expect to get a lot of that done at the cabin–mostly by hand.

Yeah, there’s no electricity or running water where I’m going–wood stove, propane lights, and a 360º view is luxury enough. I’m bringing the computer but I really don’t know if I’ll use it. Probably I’ll mark up my print copy of the draft and make a lot of notes on the notepads. There is a lot of that sort of thing to do in this next step as I better understand the relations between scenes and have ideas for how to make the characters more substantial.

Right. Enough dalliance. Google tells me it’s an eight hour drive from here, so I better get going. And by going, I mean packing.

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