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Snow Camp Lookout

September 22, 2011

For the past week I’ve been watching the world go ’round from up at Snow Camp Lookout atop Snow Camp Mountain (map) in southern Oregon’s Rogue River / Siskiyou National Forest. I’ve thrown together a very small photo album to tide us over until we get a chance to go through the lot.

We’ve been to a few other lookouts–Picket Butte, Acker Rock, Strawberry Mountain–but this was our first trip to Snow Camp. It had fewer amenities than we were expecting, but we planned for that possibility so it wasn’t a problem. Plus we had absolutely fabulous weather throughout our stay–highs in the seventies, lows in the fifties. Good weather makes life easier.

The cabin is approx 15’x15′ with windows all the way around. There’s one bed, a length of counter-top, a round plastic patio table that sloped down at its center, and the smallest wood-fired cook stove I’ve ever seen–by JØTUL. Notably missing: no electricity, no running water, no propane (propane = lights, refrigerator, oven/stove.) Notably present: outhouse with awesome view. In other words, it’s a nice, simple cabin.

We saw a black bear on the morning of our first day. After that we decided against going for hikes. We hung out at the cabin and watched the sun move from one horizon to the other, from mountains to ocean. We ate well, enjoyed beautiful heavens each night, and the whole thing was over too soon.


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