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Where’s that cup of tea?

October 12, 2011

As the thesis defense date approaches I’m spending as much time as I can working on my thesis project, the short novel I’m calling THE FANTASTIC MACHINE.

It’s going well, some days. Today is a good day. Yesterday was pretty good. The day before that kind of sucked. What made the day before yesterday difficult was that I had to wrestle with an idea and I couldn’t pin it down. It was a question about a character, who he is and how he would behave in this situation I’d found him in.

To work it out, I wrote about him in a tangential piece, not a short story or an outline, more of a report on the things that shaped him in life, a couple pages of exploration. It worked, I dare say. With that knowledge I set about rewriting his scene by going over the printout with a blue pen and pretty much crossing everything out and writing huge new text and dialogue between the lines and in the margins.

Today I’m typing that up (almost done) and then I’ll move on to the next trouble-spot.

That’s how it goes.

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  1. It’s good that you have a system in place, it makes re-writes so much easier. I tend to be pretty disorganized!

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