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I submitted the essays, esé

November 3, 2011

I just sent my essays to the thesis defense committee. It is a huge relief to have those finished, but the feeling is tempered by the suspicion that they are not very good essays. I pretty much hate writing essays even though I should totally love writing them. Whatever. I’m sure they’re fine. Here’s a recap of the essay questions, compressed and made human-readable:

Essay #1: Who Influenced Your Work? — pick two writers; for each, pick one element of craft and discuss how they do it, keeping in mind the powerful relevance between the author, element of craft, and your work.

Essay #2: What’s Your Problem? — describe the central challenge you faced writing your thesis novel, how did you handle it, what other shortcomings remain, and how will you address these issues in the future?

I’m not going to post the essays here, but I will clue you in to my answers:
#1) Robert B. Parker (plot) and Robert Charles Wilson (voice)
#2) Accessing the character’s voice


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