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A month it has been

December 7, 2011

Right. It’s been a month since I defended my thesis. What’s up?

A month can go by pretty fast. A week spent reading and cleaning the house. A week spent taking care of a sick spouse. A week playing video games and visiting friends and family over the Thanksgiving holiday, and giving a little thanks of our own. And then some more cleaning and yard work and laundry and suddenly it’s early December.

Fine. I’ve almost cleaned up Los Angeles in LA Noir. I’ve cleaned up Gotham in Batman: Arkham City. I experimented with DC Universe Online. Played Flowers, Okabu, and Eufloria. I’ve read maybe two dozen short stories and a few novels (Southern Gods, Goliath, and almost done w/ Ganymede) and a couple of comic books. I even managed to lose two pounds–ahem, after putting on more than that. Most of the writing I’ve done has been journal writing or exercises that stay in the journal. They should become short stories, but so far they’re just journal entries.

This week I’ve been back at my desk. I’m mapping out the revisions and how to tackle them. It’s exciting but a bit complicated, too. The revisions are good and worthwhile and important, all that, but it’s not just line-edit stuff. For example, I’ve got a married couple who I’m turning into a Father / Daughter pair, the Protagonist is going to be a bit younger, his mother will be nicer, and some of the physical violence will be replaced with passages of insight, building tension through desires, passions, and fears.

So that’s what I’m working on now. Mapping it out. Focusing on character. And putting it all back together again. I’ll be back on board with posting updates now that I’m back at my desk.


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