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New security & new hosting

What security program do you use on your computer? I only ask because I’m judging you–no wait, I mean, because there are a lot of options out there. Yes, that’s why I asked.

As computer specs have improved, security software has also gotten better. Kids, ask your parents about the old days when you’d have to stop using your machine so Norton could run a four hour systems check. Now, though, it’s all pretty seamless. In fact, when it came time to renew my Norton security a couple months back, I decided to shop around. After reading cnet reviews and the top ten antivirus site and digging into things like a company’s political affiliations, I finally chose Kaspersky.

I’ve been pleased with it so far. It’s totally unobtrusive and creates no noticeable lag time. It’s easy to use and stays out of my way. I did notice something odd about the installation: it took more than twice as long to install on my laptop vs my wife’s laptop, but I think that’s because her machine is a Ferrari and mine’s a Gremlin.

In other news, I’ve switched domain hosting services (and there was much rejoicing (yay.)) I’ve been hosting at Yahoo! since late in the last century (early 1999.) All in all the Yahoo service has been fine for my needs, except when it comes to domain related email. For unknown reasons throughout my term with Yahoo I’ve experienced mysteriously dropped, blocked, or missing emails sent to my domain addresses. That’s really the bottom line. That’s annoying and potentially a lot worse.

In my recent bout of communicating with everyone on my Dad’s side of the family, I experienced the mysteriously missing email scenario a few times–and always when sent to my address. So that was it. I started shopping around, but I was casual about it. Then my wife missed an important email and I decided to get it done.

This was a pretty easy decision. I went with Laughing Squid. Maybe it’s their dated name–I mean, that’s so last century; [adjective or present participle] oddly juxtaposed with [unexpected animal.] Like, dancing bear, lucky cat, magical leopluradon. Anyway, they’ve been around a while, they’re in California, they play nice with WordPress, and they’re pretty damn affordable.

So there you go. Kaspersky and Laughing Squid. Badda-bing, badda-boom.